Thrive Nutrition And Yoga

Kathryn White  BA, BEd, CNE, RYT450

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Kathryn White is a degree prepared teacher and cancer survivor. In her healing journey she provides, yoga session, nutrition coaching and is a Certified Cancer Coach. Take the time to hear our Yoga Information interview with Kathryn White under the section in Cancer Care Roundup. You can schedule a yoga, or nutrition coaching session you can link here:

Thrive Nutrition and Yoga was born out of my personal experience of with living with chronic stress and the toll it took on my health. My journey to recovery and creating a new and healthier version of myself has helped me to realize that there are others living in the same types of situations

What is Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a practice that is all about slowing down and opening your body through passive stretching. Enjoy a private session for yourself in the comfort of our private studio. Enjoy one hour of Restorative Yoga where you can unwind, rest, and restore. Mats, and additional materials (blocks, bolsters, blankets provided).

Sometimes life can be a bit overwhelming, can’t it?

When we become overwhelmed and feelings of stress start to creep in it can be challenging to know how to manage our everyday life. In fact, when we have lived in a state of stress for a long time we may not even know that our body is carrying and holding on to stress. Little messages like poor digestion, chronic headaches, and tension in the body can be trying to tell us that we need to address our stress.

Stress can also impact our emotional health. Feelings of sadness, the inability to let feelings pass, being stuck, and feeling overwhelmed can lead to bigger health and wellness issues.