Education Series

BRACAShirts is committed to Cancer Education. 

It's all about the timing! 

Your breast care journey starts before your surgery. It is critical now, more than ever.

Adopt a lifestyle change that is healthy and responsive to help you recover faster, regain your health, build endurance, and sustain a healthy balanced lifestyle. 

We will be doing webinars, IG Live sessions, articles, and group info sharing sessions to help. Our plan for September and October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month is to provide free online live IG Lives and zoom sessions that will be reflective of our Education Series. For September we will provide the following session at 7 PM EST.

Below is the list of my PowerPoint presentations which are designed to guide cancer patients through adaptive changes that are slow, incremental, and needs based.  I fully recommend coaching to augment this program so that one on one support can help you advocate for your care and guide you along your journey.  

I hope you will enjoy our new Cancer Learning Series:

1) Introduction 
2) Adoption of a Healthy Food Choices in your Dietary Lifestyle
3)The Benefits of Exercise
4) Immunology and the Impact Stress has on Cancer
5) The Cancer Personality & Learn Why Cancer Patients with a Positive Mindset Survive and Thrive
6) Relaxation Techniques
7) The benefits of the rest

Surviving Cancer is divided into three. One-third surviving medical treatment, the second third adopting healthy lifestyle changes, and the third is accepting and personifying the positive attitude reflected in this poster.