BRACAShirts are possible because of your generous support!   

We thank you for your donation to Bracashirts supporting cancer survivors, education and coaching.

Bracashirts is moving its Cancer Education and Awareness Series out into the community.  Catharine currently is providing PowerPoint presentations. speaking to service groups throughout southern Ontario.  Presentations can be done in person or virtually. 

Donations and funds are directed to the following three organizations and areas of focus.

  1. The new MRI for the  St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital
  2. St. Thomas Elgin Hospice which supports local community needs
  3. Bracashirts to help support Cancer Awareness outreach and promotion of the whole Cancer Education Series for cancer patients.   

We are presently working to change the website so that donors can allocate  funds to their choice and area of support. 

Thank you again for supporting Bracashirts and the St. Thomas community.

Currently we are asking for $100.00 per donation. All other donation amounts can be arranged via e-transfers through our accountant at:



BRACAShirts help women with invasive cancer and mastectomy procedures, cope with those their health demands. Help us share the love of support in our community, and families.  Let’s face it folks the first four weeks after a mastectomy is hell. Help BRACAShirts improve the continuum of care from hospital to home. Bracashirts are also ideal for patients with abdominal cancer drains, cardiac monitors, medication pumps, etc.

It is the little things that matter. Help us provide this
bridge of hope and love. Sponsor or Donate to BRACAShirts.

Gift your partner, loved one or friends with our Bracashirts products or our Cancer Coaching sessions and coaching. 

You may contact Catharine to express how you would like your donations allocated for Bracashirts or for funds to the St. Thomas MRI  or the New St. Thomas / Elgin Hospice which will be built in the spring. 


In Health and Wellness   

Catharine Janssen RN, Professional Cancer Care Coach