Cancer Coach

Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Changes

The pillars of our strength are not only in our products but in our coaching, cancer education series, cancer support groups, as well as our community outreach with public speaking on cancer awareness and our education series.  We believe that your safety and recovery are intrinsic to your cancer journey. 

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is daunting and very overwhelming.  I was like a “Deer in the Headlights” feeling scared, confused, inundated with information, and experiencing a loss of control.  Learning to cope with fears, change, gain knowledge, and set health goals again can be formidable, challenging, and overwhelming. Confidently manage your dietary needs, stress, fears, and close the knowledge gap with access to sound resources and guidance to help achieve your new emerging sense of self. You are not alone. We have a very successful guided program to help you regain your focus on health, and help you reset your path to wellness.

I am here to help you  with Online Personalized Coaching

I am a retired critical care nurse, cancer survivor, and Certified Holistic Cancer Coach who knows what living with cancer is like.  I hope to bring clarity, knowledge, and empowerment to help you make sound choices that are best for you, your family, and all concerned.  

Health, and life coaching with a personalized educated health professional and cancer can help you understand how your body functions and why. We help you understand how you can implement easy changes and make decisions that may move you forward in health and wellness.  We assess where you are at, and help you build a personalized plan that empowers you to build a positive mindset so that you can make decisions with confidence.  It goes beyond motivation, it is about peace of mind, a positive mental attitude, and a mindset to succeed. 

Catharine Janssen  RN