Our Story


Wow!! We won the Canada Post 2023 Tales of Triumph Award;  Employees Choice for Small Business. 

Catharine Janssen is a retired critical care Registered Nurse, breast cancer survivor, an active Rotarian, a Distinguished Toastmaster, Author, Podcaster and a Certified Cancer Coach. Catharine is the entrepreneur owner of BRACAShirts (Designed for women to manage post-surgical drains).

Our beautiful shirts, our Cancer Education Series, Our Cancer Coaching and our public speaking are all moving forward. Our customers love our Bracashirts shirts with two designs. Outside pockets are designed to help the caregivers to have easy access to empty the drains which is ideal in the first week immediate post-op. Our inside pocket shirts are designed to hide the drains and provide discreet support when in public. Safety, comfort, fashion are also important.  Our shirts are color fast, don't shrink, and are perfectly tailored and beautifully embroidered.

BRACAGowns are ideal for immediate post-op patients out to medical for evenings. The drains are secure in the pockets and help with secure and safe post-op ambulation.  The gown has extra room in the back with long ties from the sides to keep the gown overlapped and more discreet. 

Our public speaking engagements and podcasts are putting us up front in the Cancer Education community. Surviving Breast Cancer Canada and Healing Strong, Probus, Rotary, Lions, and  Optimists have enjoyed our Education Series. Catharine is a guest speaker for the Annie Appleseed Project conference on February 22, 2023, in West Palm Beach Florida.  

Watch for Catharine's first book entitled "Transform After Cancer": A Guide to Help Implement Healthy Lifestyle Change.  

This last year Bracashirts has committed to education and coaching support. I have spent years teaching and training critical care nurses, now the opportunity to help cancer patients learn about cancer and establish lifestyle changes to help prevent recurrence is a critical component for those with cancer. 

 I believe that “Knowledge is Power” will lead to sound decision-making, with clients making informed decisions that will guide them through establishing and adopting healthy lifestyle changes and will set a firm foundation for understanding why we have to choose to change our lifestyle habits. 

I hope you will enjoy our new Cancer Mini-Learning Series

  1. Healthy Food Choices
  2. Immunology and Stress
  3. The Cancer Personality & Psychology of Cancer
  4. The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

If you know someone who could use cancer coaching or would like to have Catharine speak at your conference, lunch and learns:  contact,  catharine@bracashirts.ca

Bracashirts for men are also available.

I wish everyone a successful recovery, health, happiness, and wellness.

You should never have to face cancer alone.