“I don't know what I would have done without my BRACAShirt after my double mastectomy. I believe it helped me in my recovery. I didn't have to worry about catching the drains as they where tucked in nice and secure. One shirt has pockets on the outside which was great to check drains and empty them. The other shirt the pockets are on the inside ,so very nice to wear when going out in public. They also wash and dry very nicely. I am very thankful for my BRACAshirt.”

- Michelle Carol


“I loved the shirts for comfort and style and how useful the pockets were for the drainage bag, as I had it in for over 2 weeks. The hospital gown was awesome for sleeping in and keeping the bag and tube contained. They both washed very well and didn't shrink which was wonderful. I would highly recommend both the shirts and the gown for anyone going through this. The London Regional Cancer Program reimbursed us the cost of the shirts/gown too.” 

- Kim Harrison


"Catharine is the voice of experience when it comes to post-breast cancer recovery. Her personal experience motivated her to create BRACAShirts that support post-surgical recovery. Her passion to bring healing to those walking with or who have experienced cancer is guiding her to build a community of wellness practitioners who are as passionate as she is when it comes to supporting the mind, body, and spirit."

- Kathryn White, Thrive Nutrition And Yoga