Cancer Support & Coaching

Cancer Support & Coaching

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Thank you for expressing interest in Cancer Education, Coaching, and our Learning Series. Our cancer education series is low in cost, our coaching is $1,500.00 / for 24 sessions over a 3-month period to be arranged by the client.  

Everyone’s cancer journey is unique. I think getting cancer was the worst but also the best thing that ever happened to me.  For the first time, I looked at adopting a life change in my exercise, dietary regime, relaxation techniques, sleeping patterns, and stress management, etc. 

My mission is to support you through nutrition education, stress reduction, and lifestyle changes through one on one education from your home with online individual teaching and coaching.  I would like to help you understand how stress impacts your immune system and cancer.  I hope to help you advocate for your care and hopefully help you engage in a successful cancer recovery, with the hope of preventing cancer recurrence.  Reality is, that change is good but peace of mind and moving through changes one step at a time is critical for a full recovery.  Bridging the gap from hospital to home, I am here to help you through every stage of your journey.  I can help you to feel empowered, and positive, and get control back as you adopt and implement your lifestyle changes.  I am a retired critical care nurse, nurse educator, cancer survivor, and holistic cancer coach.  

My cancer coaching costs cover 3 months of coaching allowing multiple sessions to be introduced at your convenience.  Most clients receive on average 25 coaching sessions, plus our coveted 1:1 cancer education series, plus group coaching as well (at your discretion).  If coaching is pre-surgery, purchasing our combo pact will also reduce your fee. Please contact Catharine for coaching or questions about the education series or our shirts.   Thank you for considering our shirts, education, coaching and cancer support groups.

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