About Us

Shirts and Gowns with Large Pockets to Hold Surgical Drains

Bracashirts is designed for post-surgical drains. Mastectomy drains need to be secure to enhance safety during your mastectomy recovery.  We also provide cancer coaching and education.

Bracashirts  are designed to with safety in mind to help patients manage post-operative surgical  drains. Our Cancer Education Series is free when clients purchase $200.00 of our products. When clients order our combopac or two shirts, they automatically receive a Bracagown and access to our Cancer Education Series. Cancer coaching is also available by contacting catharine@bracashirts.ca 

We believe our outstanding level of success is achieved by providing a leadership culture, sound business acumen and embracing our core values: Patient safety, Collaboration, Education, Support, Dignity, and Comfort.

Our cancer education series is also available separately for $100 for 4 sessions.

We also do Cancer Awareness public speaking contact catharine@bracashirts.ca to book our Certified Holistic Cancer Coach. 

BRACAShirts Vision Statement

BRACAShirts is a leading post-operative apparel company focused to promote and improve healthcare outcomes for our clients, our institutions, cities, provinces, country and worldwide.

BRACAShirts Mission Statement

We are dedicated to provide exceptional service, an outreach philosophy, and present value to the healthcare system by advancing patient healthcare outcomes. We provide quality, safe, comfortable, and fashionable shirts and gowns with special pockets to hold surgical drains.

A portion of all proceeds will be directed to local hospitals for cancer care patients and cancer research.