BRACAShirt with Inside Pockets
BRACAShirt with Inside Pockets
BRACAShirt with Inside Pockets

BRACAShirt with Inside Pockets

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Product description:

Our Bracashirt is a high-quality & comfortable way to recover with ease. These shirts were designed for discretion in mind. The large pockets hold, hide and secure drains with no restriction of movement even while accommodating bulky dressings and drains. Comfort fit, scoop apron front and back, Beautiful embroidery. Shirts are colour fast, wash and wear, and do not shrink. 

Our shirts with inside pockets were specially designed to allow surgical drains and tubing to be placed directly into the pocket and Velcro is supplied so client can choose to you it or not.  

Bracashirts are uniquely designed for post-surgical mastectomy patients and patients post abdominal surgery who have large surgical drains (Hemovac or Jackson Pratt). 


Look beautiful, stay comfortable and walk around with freedom. 

✓ Machine Washable, hidden buttons, high fashion and comfort fit. 
✓ Inside pockets hide and protect drains, discreet 
✓ Prevents pulling out drains, no pins for safety 
✓ Easy to slip on & no need for bra or undershirts, dark colour hides any post          seepage and discoloration. 
✓ Easy access for caregivers while maintaining privacy

Pocket size: 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches

Sizing Chart:

Size Measurements
Medium Bust size: 34
Large Bust size: 36-38
XLarge Bust size: 40
XXLarge Bust size: 44
3x Extra Large Bust size: 48

Please note that these shirts tend to fit small. You may have large bandages so add a size up. If you have a large abdomen, you may want to go up one size.