Patient gowns to hold surgical drains

BRACAGowns are ideal for post operative surgical drains perfect for nighttime clothing and first day post op.  The newly designed unique hospital gown has front pockets and the split seam opening on each side to allow the tubes and drains to be placed in the pocket.  These gowns allow easy access to the drain, as well as provide safe and increased comfort for post-op clients.  The BRACAGown has a strip of Velcro in each pocket to secure the drains in place.  All gowns are 100% Cotton, high premium material. All seams are finished with tailor-made professionally bound seams. The back of the gown has extra material and 1 inch wide and long straps that are attached at the side seams. The extra material allows overlap at the back which helps to provide increased privacy and less exposure in the rear section of the garment.  BRACAShirts and BRACAGowns are best clothing clothing for post surgical or post mastectomy care.