BRACA Combo-Pack

BRACA Combo-Pack

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Product description:

One BRACAShirt with Inside Pockets, one BRACAShirt with Outside Pockets, and one BRACAGown. 

Our Bracashirts are a high-quality & comfortable way to recover with ease. Discreetly hold, hide and secure drains with no restriction of movement even while accommodating bulky dressings and drains. 

Bracashirts are uniquely designed for post-surgical mastectomy patients and patients post abdominal surgery who have large surgical drains (Hemovac or Jackson Pratt). 


Look beautiful, stay comfortable and walk around with freedom. 

✓ Machine Washable
✓ Inside pockets hide and protect drains
✓ Prevents pulling out drains
✓ Easy to slip on & no need for bra or undershirts
✓ Easy access for caregivers while maintaining privacy

Pocket size: 7.5 inches x 7.5 inches

Sizing Chart:

Size Measurements
Medium Bust size: 34
Large Bust size: 36-38
XLarge Bust size: 40
XXLarge Bust size: 44
3x Extra Large Bust size: 48

Please note that these shirts tend to fit small. You may have large bandages so add a size up. If you have a large abdomen, you may want to go up one size.