25 Bad Habits Associated or Linked to Cancer

25 Bad Habits Linked to Cancer

  1. Excess Intake of Alcohol
  2. Sun Exposure with No Sunscreen or Hat
  3. Not flossing or brushing teeth
  4. Working overtime and poor work life balance (stress)
  5. Cookies, crackers, and candy
  6. Indoor coal burning fire
  7. Contraceptive meds Hormone Replacement Therapy
  8. Household cleaning products with Benzene
  9. Exposure to Xrays
  10. Carbonated non-carbonated drinks with sugar
  11. Lack of exercise
  12. Excessive cell phone use
  13. Cosmetics with cancer causing products
  14. Lack of sleep
  15. Meat (chicken and beef)
  16. Too much coffee (acrylamide)
  17. Air pollution
  18. Food and baked goods loaded with sugar
  19. Use of Tobacco products
  20. Not managing stress or not using relaxation
  21. Lack of fresh vegetables or fruit
  22. Lack of Vitamin D
  23. Eating processed meats
  24. Lack of whole grains (need bran)
  25. Use of tanning bed (uv light)