Advocate For Your Care

A confident attitude can take a hit when you're hospitalized or diagnosed with cancer, where often a feeling of loss of control is devastating.   

Patients often have that sixth sense of what's wrong with them. Here are a few things to prepare yourself so that you can guard your positive mental attitude and secure a confident mindset.  

  • Educate Yourself in Advance
  • Get loved ones for support to help you advocate for your care.
  • Know who you are speaking too (md, nurse, technician), as each role will respond differently on the content and level of what they can discuss.
  • Write down questions and get the answers you need. Don’t leave until you fully understand and have all your questions and concerns answered.
  • Don’t be fearful to ask for what you need.
  • When discharged, make sure you understand your instructions and ask for written instructions.
  • Journalize and document answers and questions.
  • Maintain your hygiene, make sure you bring oral and bathing products to the hospital if you are to be admitted.
  • Ask your doctor if you will have surgical drains, and if so what kind of drains (Jackson Pratt, Hemovac or other).
  • Prepare for a diet change and required healthy lifestyle changes to help you refocus on health, wellbeing and a positive mindset.
  • Speak to your children be open, truthful, and supportive.


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